2010-05-19 01:03

April 9th - The Maypole: Chigwell Row, Essex, England
April 10th - Oude Pothuis, Oude Gracht 279: Utrecht, Holland
April 11th - Irish Pub (Poitin): Hertogenbosch, Holland
April 13th - Paradiso: Amsterdam, Holland
April 14th - Fame (in-store acoustic): Amsterdam, Holland
April 15th - Virgin Megastore (in-store acoustic): Paris, France
April 16th - FNAC Bellecour (in-store acoustic): Lyon, France
April 17th - Virgin Megastore (in-store acoustic): Marseille, France
April 18th - Treacy's Irish Pub: Karlsruhe, Germany
April 19th - Prinz (in-store acoustic): Mannheim, Germany
April 20th (18:00) - Saturn (in-store acoustic): Koln, Germany
April 20th (22:30) - Flanagan's Irish Pub: Koln, Germany
April 21st - Kulturkaufhaus Dussman: Berlin, Germany
April 22nd - HMV, Oxford Street (in-store acoustic): London, England
April 23rd - HMV, Princes Street (in-store acoustic): Edinburgh, Scotland
May 29th - Feast of Hope Festival: Geneva, Switzerland
May 30th - Mühle Hunziken (Mullerhoentzigen): Bern, Switzerland
May 31st - Albani: Winterthur, Switzerland
August 28th - St Mary's Church: Haddington, Scotland (acoustic show - fan club only)
August 29th - Corn Exchange: Haddington, Scotland (Company Scotland convention)
September 11th - Oosterpoort: Groningen, Holland
September 12th - Muziekcentrum Vredenburg: Utrecht, Holland
September 13th - 013: Tilburg, Holland
September 14th - Paradiso: Amsterdam, Holland
September 16th - Train: Aarhus, Denmark
September 18th - KB: Malmo, Sweden
September 19th - Rockefellers: Oslo, Norway
September 20th - Klubben Fryshuset: Stockholm, Sweden
September 21st - Tradgarden: Gothenberg, Sweden
September 23rd - Pumphuset: Copenhagen, Denmark
September 24th - Tivoli: Bremen, Germany
September 25th - Grosse Freiheit: Hamburg, Germany
September 27th - Der Anker: Leipzig, Germany
September 28th - Rock Cafe: Prague, Czechland
September 30th - Sommercasino: Basle, Switzerland
October 1st - Amalgame: Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland
October 3rd - Centre of Culture (Centrum Kultury Zamek): Poznan, Poland
October 4th - Columbiafritz: Berlin, Germany
October 5th - Capitol: Offenbach, Germany
October 6th - Longhorn: Stuttgart, Germany
October 9th - Nighttown: Rotterdam, Holland
October 10th - Live Music Hall: Koln, Germany
October 12th - Bierhubelei: Bern, Switzerland
October 13th - Planet Music: Vienna, Austria
October 15th - Binario Zero: Milan, Italy
October 17th - Schuur: Lucerne, Switzerland
October 18th - Salzhaus: Winterthur, Switzerland
October 26th - Le Splendid: Lille, France
October 27th - MCM TV Cafe: Paris, France
October 28th - Le Plan: Ris Orangis, France
October 29th - Den Atelier: Luxembourg
October 30th - Ancienne Belgique: Brussels, Belgium
November 1st - Wulfrun Hall: Wolverhampton, England
November 2nd - Mean Fiddler: London, England
December 10th - (SAS band) - Chiddingfold, Surrey, England
December 12th - (SAS band) - Chiddingfold, Surrey, England
56 gigs