112. Unzipped The Making of Anoraknophobia ("Making Of" Album)

112. Unzipped The Making of Anoraknophobia ("Making Of" Album)
Unzipped - The Making of Anoraknophobia
"Making Of" Album
Voice: Steve Hogarth
Guitars: Steve Rothery
Keyboards: Mark Kelly
Bass: Pete Trevawas
Drums & Percussion: Ian Mosley
Okładka: Bill Smith Studio/Carl Glower
Wytwórnia: Racket Records
Released February 2006 - 2CD jewel case - Racket Records - Racket27
Recorded 2000-2001
Disc 1 (Album Demos)
Between You and Me
Map of the World
When I Meet God
The Fruit of the Wild Rose
Separated Out
This is the 21st Century
If My Heart Were a Ball it Would Roll Uphill
Disc 2 (Writing Sessions)
Music in the Sky
Who Can Say What it Means
What Goes on in Between
I Sang That Pretty Tune
Blow a Fuse Day
Fix it in the Usual Way
You're Just Gonna Stop
Trying to Have Fun
It's So Hard
Lights of the City
Watching the People
Pinned Up on the Wall
Gonna See it All
Sit Back and Watch
Feels So Warm
Don't Do That
No Solution
Perfect Mirror
Such Waves
I'm so Alone
Voluptuous Crimson
They Come to Play
In Your Mind
Come to Bed
Flash to Crash and Burn
I Heard Everything You Said
Rest Your Heavy Head
They're Not at All the Same
Running Scared
We Can See Sense
Ankle Deep in Glue
Can You Play Me a Song
Don't You Ever Wonder