46. Issue 30 CD (live album)

46. Issue 30 CD (live album)

Chocolate Frog Records, released August 2000
Recorded live at The Haddington Corn Exchange on August 29th 1999.

CFVP007CD, limited edition, available to fanclub members only.

01. Medley
(i) Emperor's Song [Dick/Boult/Cassidy]
(ii) Credo [Dick/Simmonds/Boult/Usher]
(iii) What Colour is God? [Dick/Wilson]
(iv) Mr. 1470 [Dick/Paterson/Boult]
02. Plague of Ghosts [Dick/Turrell/Daghorn]
(i) Old haunts
(ii) Digging Deep
(iii) Chocolate Frogs
(iv) Waving at Stars
(v) Raingods dancing
(vi) Wake-up Call (Make It Happen)
03. Medley
(i) Cliché
(ii) Perception of Johnny Punter [Dick/Simmonds]
04. Incomplete [Dick/Antwi/Millett]
05. Sunsets on Empire [Dick/Wilson]
06. The Company [Dick/Simmonds]

Guitars: John Wesley
Keyboards: Tony Turrell
Backing vocals: Elizabeth Antwi
Drums: Dave Stewart
Bass: Steve Vantsis
Guests guitarists: Frank Usher, Steve Wilson (Sunsets on Empire) Vocals: Fish

This CD is not for retail sale and is only available by mail order.