Glass Half Full - Making Of Marbles 3CD

Glass Half Full - Making Of Marbles 3CD
Glass Half Full - Making Of Marbles
Voice: Steve Hogarth
Guitars: Steve Rothery
Keyboards: Mark Kelly
Bass: Pete Trevawas
Drums & Percussion: Ian Mosley
Okładka: Simon Ward/Carl Glower
Producent: Dave Meegan
Selekcja: James Levey
Wytwórnia: Racket Records
3CD jewel box - march 2015 - Racket Records - Racket56
Disc1: (writing sessions)
Jazz IM
The Atmospheric Man
The Dark Man
IM Beats
Invisible Places
John Barry IM
Stumble Man
I Am The Invisible Man
Americana Marbles
Finding Marbles
H Playing Marbles
The Recurring Dream
Hypnotic Genie
One Way Street
Greed, Moneytastic Place
Blues Place
It's Always a Struggle
Early Place
The Original
Sun From The Sky
Real Tears Thing
Ice Cream Marbles
Sweet Ocean Cloud
Ocean Intro
Unused Ocean
Spoken Ocean
Ocean Yarns
Ocean Waves
Ocean Spray
Between 2 Oceans
Disc2: (writing sessions)
Marbles 3 Piano Jam
Marbles 3 Guitar
Natural Woman
The Original Damage
Damaged Mid 8
Japanese Damage
Bubble Bass DHY
DHY Heavy
DHY Chords
Early DHY
DHY Unused Idea
You're Not There Yet
YG Strings
Developing YG
YG Chorus
Angelina Takes Requests
Ultra Lounge
Late Night
Angelina Intro
A Man Came To Drill Holes
Frantic Drilling
Acoustic Drilling
Guided Marbles
Marks Huge Chords
Any Fool Can See
Land In Neverland
The Huge Idea
The String Idea
Undo The Hooks
Disc3: (demo)
The Invisible Man (Demo)
Genie (Demo)
Fantastic Place (Demo)
The Only Unforgivable Thing (Demo)
The Damage (Demo)
Don't Hurt Yourself (Demo)
You're Gone (Demo)
Angelina (Demo)
Neverland (Demo)